The X Factor: The Second Arena Auditions Give The Girls A Second Chance

Returning acts make it through to bootcamp...

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The arena auditions open with Shelley Smith. She's the Josie Gibson of X Factor with her West Country accent and bubbly personality. As soon as she stepped on stage the crowd were eating from the palm of her hand, singing and dancing along with her. Shelley sang 'Feeling Good', maybe as a nod to Nicole after the Pussycat Dolls also did a version of the song. She was impressed, anyway, as were the rest of the judges. Tom Mann, the 19-year-old football coach from Southampton, gave a kooky performance of Little Mix's 'How Ya Doin'' and rightfully so made it to boot camp.

Out of the three returning acts, only to were successful. It was a close call for Jade Richards who's performance of Amy Winehouse's 'Back to Black' lacked a climax, said Gary, who also stopped her early. She made it through to boot camp, though. Melanie McCabe gave her version of 'Titanium' which was easily the performance of the episode. Louis was a huge fan of hers and "not because she's from Dublin". The Dolly Rockers half-rapped/half-sang their way through Macklemore's 'Can't Hold Us' and they were sent home. The other girl group from Saturday's audition show, Euphoria, disappointed with 'I Don't Care' but were a great advertisement for disco pants.

Who did the judges choose to put through tonight (ITV Pictures)

Yodelling Barclay Beales had the potential to offend Directioners and the audience alike with his yodelled version of 'What Makes You Beautiful' yet his performance was well received. Nicole loved his performance and wasn't shy about it either, getting out of her seat to dance. Relley, somewhat like a monochrome Nicki Minaj, didn't perform as well as her first audition. Her rendition of 'Blind Faith' was lost behind her nerves, but the judges thought of her previous audition and gave her, as well as Barclay, a nod through to boot camp. Luke Friend, the one who hasn't washed his hair forever, also got through despite sounding a little shouty. "The future is going to be rosy for you," said Louis, perhaps making a comparison to Luke's very red cheeks.

Little Abi Alton from Guisborough stepped onto stage in an all white ensemble, including another floral head band. Sharon had worried her voice wouldn't translate to a bigger stage, but she shouldn't have had any doubts. Abi performed an original song all about heartbreak. Although her voice was shaky at times and the song wasn't as catchy as Lucy Spraggan's 'Last Night' audition in 2012, her talent is undeniable and she was the final act to make it through to boot camp.

Best Moment: Melanie McCabe's version of 'Titanium'.

Most Random Moment: Barclay Beales' yodelled version of 'What Makes You Beautiful'

Verdict: It cannot be denied that The X Factor does find talent!

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