Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Reveals Walt Is 'More Emotional' As He Calls Aaron Paul's Jesse A 'Filthy Rat'

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With the end in sight for the hit show Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston who plays the role of the lead character, Walt has admitted that his character has become "more emotional" over the years.

Fans of the show have seen Walt go from a High School chemistry teacher to drug king pin over the past seasons, but  it appears that as the current season comes to an end, Walt has turned softer.

Bryan is quoted by E! News telling Talking Bad's Chris Hardwick: "Walt has changed. He used to be so methodically and had a scientific mind and now he's much more emotional."

Referring to storylines portraying Walt's emotion, the actor added: "This experience in these last two years of his life have created an emotional being which he was never really open to, so he's impulsive, hence the shooting of Mike by being insulted by that.

"The leaving of the book out, it was sloppy and it was careless and that's what happened to him. It's one of the ramifications of experiencing this whole trauma."

Bryan believed Walt has become "more emotional" (WENN)

However, despite stating that Walt has become "more emotional", Bryan did have a few harsh words to say about Aaron Paul's character Jesse whose plan with Hank was revealed to Walt in the latest installment.

He said: "He's a rat! He broke the code. We fully embraced our criminality and all of the sudden that's the one thing that you don't do, you don't rat and he ratted, he's a filthy little rat."

Admitting that he doesn't know if any other role can match the role of Walt, Bryan contemplated: "This has been the ultimate role for me I can't imagine a role that can match this. This has been an amazing journey for me.

"It was very sad to let it go and sometimes you have to just release the grip and move on and that's what we have to do."

Meanwhile, the show's creator Vince Gilligan recently admitted that it would have been catastrophic if Bryan wanted to quit before the decision was made to end the show after five seasons.

Believing that it wouldn't have gone down well if the actor decided he no longer wanted to play the role of the drug king pin, Gilligan told EntertainmentWise:

"If Bryan Cranston had decided to leave Breaking Bad before we got to the end of our show, I don't know what I would have done.

"It's a thought that never occurred to me actually. It would have been catastrophic because Breaking Bad is a show that absolutely centres around one man, one character and I don't know if Breaking bad could have gone on without Walter White and therefore without Bryan Cranston."

Vince Gilligan poses with Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston (WENN)

Thankfully, Gilligan never faced that problem as Cranston was more than happy to stay on the show until the very end.

The creator, who is also the executive producer of the show continued to comment:

"As it turned out, Bryan Cranston thank goodness was such an excellent partner to me and to the rest of the creators of Breaking Bad and at a certain time he tried to talk me out of ending the show.

"He didn't apply to much pressure once I explained that I love the show every bit as much as he did but he understood that I loved it so much I wanted it to end properly and fittingly and not overstay its welcome and he understood that line of reasoning and therefore he accepted it and abided by it.

"But no if he had left the show early, I think that would have meant that the show was over earlier then I hoped it would end."