Has The New Star Wars 7 Title Been Revealed?

Movie isn't out until 2015

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Has The New Star Wars 7 Title Been Revealed?
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The highly anticipated return of Star Wars with Episode 7 has been tipped to be called A New Dawn, according to a new report.

It has been claimed that a casting call for Star Wars Episode 7 was held in New York recently, and that one of the titles being considered was A New Dawn.

A source told TalkBacker: "There will be many potential titles by now, but yes there is a title that I have heard mentioned."

It's thought that a new casting call has already been held in the Big Apple for the movie.

A casting sheet, reportedly released by Disney and the movie's director JJ Abrams, which was for an "Untitled Studio Feature", which needed three actors.

One of the rumoured roles was for a handsome male, in his early 20s, and is described as smart, witty, physically fit but not necessarily heroic.

While another actor is needed to be physically fit, handsome and confident as well as in his early 20s.

A girl in her late teens is also required, she will have 'raw energy' be independent, have a great sense of humour and also be physically fit. Meanwhile, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are expected to reprise their orignal roles as Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia in the new movie.

A handful of stars have been linked to the new movie, including man of the moment Benedict Cumberbatch. The star is said to have been making the jump from Star Trek to Star Wars, however he has since denied the rumour.