Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge Accused Of 'Engineering Prince William Romance'

According to a new biography about the future queen

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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has been accused of "engineering" her romance with Prince William by writer Katie Nicholl, who released an unofficial biography on the newest member of the royal family this week.

The Daily Mail royal editor, who has published her account of the royal romance in Kate: The Future Queen, claims that while they are much in love, she believes the chance meeting of the couple at St Andrews University was more orchestrated than previously thought.

“I believe that theirs is a true love story, but what I discovered makes me think that some of what Kate did was engineered,” Nicholl told Life & Style.

In her book Nicholl's alleges that Kate switched universities from Edinburgh to St Andrews and took a year out, which meant she was at the same Uni and on the same course as William.

“That to me was really insightful and fascinating because it put a new light onto their relationship,” she explained. “That was a girl who had met William before and we now know that she also changed her mind about her university.”

Kate Middleton at her graduation from St Andrews in 2005 (WENN)

In the book Nicholl also challenged the idea that Kate met William at university, claiming they were friends while still at school. She claims the couple first met through school friends from Marlborough College in 1999 at his father Prince Charles' Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire.

"We all knew as teachers that that year group was moving in Royal circles, that they were friends," Anne Patching, Kate's house-mistress reportedly revealed according to extracts from the book.

The couple did eventually marry after a 10-year courtship in April 2011 going on to have their first child together in July this year.

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