Susanna Reid Flashes Knickers During Live Broadcast Of BBC Breakfast

The journalist accidentally showed more than she wanted to as she crossed her legs

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Susanna Reid might be showing some flesh on Strictly Come Dancing over the next few weeks, but the BBC journalist accidentally showed a bit too much flesh when she flashed her knickers as she went to cross her legs.

Sitting on the BBC breakfast red couch with her co-host Bill Turnbull, Susanna who was dressed in a respectable navy coloured dress may have shocked those who were watching the show whilst eating their breakfast when she decided to change the position she was sitting in.

And it appears her accidental wardrobe malfunction didn't go unnoticed with one Twitter user admitted that she had to switch over news channels after what she saw. They commented: "Had to turn over from BBC news to sky as Susanna Reid keeps flashing her black and white knickers each time she crosses her legs."

Meanwhile, the journalist found herself on very chatty terms with Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner during an interview.

Speaking about getting Alex on the 2014 series of Strictly Come Dancing, Susanna could be seen telling Alex that he would "look good on the dancefloor". But Alex appeared to have other ideas when he responded:

"Of course.....I should have been the one that said that you look good on the dance floor.”

Responding to Alex's comment which was accompanied by a smile, Susanna replied: "Except that I’m not. I look a bit of a mess on the dance floor," but Alex wasn't letting it lie as he added:

“I doubt that."