Jaden Smith In Anti-Education Twitter Rant: 'School Brainwashes The Youth'

15-year-old has gone on an odd Twitter spree

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Jaden Smith has been criticised after sending out an odd barrage of tweets that appeared to speak out against the schooling system.

The 15-year-old tweeted to his 4.5 million followers over the weekend that the education set-up is apparently used to "brainwash" young people, claiming that society would be more "intelligent" if everyone dropped out.

Check out his words below

Jaden has something to say (WENN)

It's not clear if he was spouting his own words of wisdom or if he was quoting someone else, but the messages have definitely stirred up quite a reaction in the days that have followed.

One Twitter user replied to him with a blunt "You're an idiot", while a slightly less aggressive tweeter said "calm down".

One person responded: "if everybody PAID ATTENTION in school we would have a much more intelligent society", while another typed: "i would buh i aint a billionairlike you so tht stops me".

However, some people seem to agree with him - with one fan writing "PREACH", and another saying "Yes! Exactly!!!!".

What do you make of his claims?