X Factor's George Shelley's Romance With Selena Gomez Denied: 'They Are Just Friends'

There were reports that the pair were dating

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It appears we don't have a new romance on our hands following the news that Union J's George Shelley and Selena Gomez are "just friends".

It was reported over the weekend that Selena had reportedly held a "private party" at her hotel suite in Lisbon, inviting the Union J boys as well as other members of her entourage. Alleging that Selena and George struck up a close bond, a source told The Sun:

"She invited all the Union J boys and some other members of her entourage to her room and they had a great time drinking and dancing. Selena and George were all over each other and things got very heated.

"Everyone else left the room at 2am so they were able to spend the night together."

Selena and George are just friends (WENN)

However, it doesn't appear that anything of the sort happened after George's bandmate JJ Hamblett told the Metro that George and Selena, whose former flame is Justin Bieber, are "just friends".

JJ commented: "They are just friends. It’s not our place to discuss but they are friends and, obviously, George will say what he wants to say about the situation."

Whilst JJ confirmed that they hung out in Selena's room, nothing untoward happened. He added: "She didn’t get off stage until quite late, so we just went and she invited us all back to her hotel and we had a drink."

George and Selena are not romantically linked (WENN)

Speculation about a possible romance began when George recently admitted in an interview with MTV News UK that Selena had left hm a video message. Recalling the event, George said:

"She left me a video message on a show that we did just saying 'give me a call when I'm next in London,' but we're obviously going to support her in Portugal."

Opening up about his response to the Come and Get it singer, he said: “I was like 'Hey Selena, I'll definitely give you a call and when you're ready come and get it,' and they were like cut, cut, it's a kids TV show!”

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