Beyonce and Jay Z Hiring French-Speaking Nanny For Baby Blue

They want their daughter to have a good chat with her cousin Julez

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Beyonce and Jay Z want only the best for their daughter Blue Ivy, and with their kind of cash, you can bet that they're going to get it. Now, it has been reported that the couple are looking for a French-speaking nanny for their only child.

While most parents want their children to have go a different languages, you might think it's a little young for 20-month-old Blue Ivy to get started. But there's a reason for it!

Beyonce is on the look out for a French-speaking nanny for Blue Ivy (Wenn)

A source has claimed that it's to help Blue communicate with Solange's son Julez.

The insider has reportedly told The Sun: “Beyonce and Jay have started advertising for a nanny who is happy to travel the world with them.

“The other main stipulation is that she is bilingual." (We've started on our language lessons!)

Beyonce and Jay Z are on the look out (Wenn)

The insider continued: “They want a French speaker for a number of reasons. The family have a real connection with France and Beyonce’s nephew Julez is a French speaker, because his dad is French.

“They’ve already started seeing candidates and have been getting advice from friends including Gwyneth Paltrow.”

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