'French Kim Kardashian' Nabilla Benattia Flashes Nipple During Press Conference

How unfortunate

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French reality TV star Nabilla Benattia, dubbed affectionately the French Kim Kardashian, caught everyone's attention for all the wrong reasons while on the red carpet earlier today, by an unfortunate nip-slip.

Nabilla managed to keep herself contained for some of the shots (Oraito/Splash News)

The 21-year-old, who has been on a number of shows including l'Amour est aveugle, Hollywood Girls and les Anges de la télé-réalité, wore a seemingly conservative black suit for her appearance before managing to flash her left nipple.

Whoops! Nabilla flashes just a little too much (Oraito/Splash News)

Seemingly unaware of the wardrobe malfunction, Nabilla went to place her hand on her hip for a flattering shot in front of the carpet but managed to reveal a whole lot of boob instead during the NRJ press conference at the Musee quai Branly in Paris.

But Nabilla, who has been dubbed the French Kim Kardashian, is no stranger to stripping off as she has been shot for Playboy magazine as well as Maxim.