Naomi Watts Talks Iconic 'Diana' Role: 'I Was Intrigued By The Challenge'

'Diana' hits cinemas today

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Naomi Watts will be making her debut as Princess Diana today as the eagerly awaited biopic hits movie screens and the actress has opened up about the pressures of playing such an iconic role, saying that the whole thing was "daunting."

EntertainmentWise were among journalists to attend a Diana press conference before the release and Watts had a lot to say about the infamous role.

Watts recreates Diana's Royal Opera House scene (Photo: Splash News)

When asked about what convinced her to say yes to the part, she said: "Well, I think there were many things but ultimately the reason that I wanted to say no so much became the reason why I wanted to do it as well.

"I was intrigued by the challenge, I mean it the beginning I thought ‘How do you possibly take on possibly the most famous woman of our time? When everyone feels they know her so well, how do you take possession of that character?’ So that was daunting."

Naomi Watts plays Diana in the new biopic (Photo: WENN)

She then added: "You know this fragility but a great strength and unbelievable charisma, great beauty and wisdom and compassion and empathy, there were so many things to play that you know were impossible. I thought about it and I thought ‘well I can’t say no to this, why not seize the opportunity?’"

Despite Naomi taking on the challenge, she still admits that there were things that made her say "no" to the role: "I was intrigued by the idea on taking on this massively globally know woman but terrified at the same time because – people - the level interest is going to be much higher than usual."

Diana hits cinema screens today (Photo: Splash News)

The movie is set to delve into the last two years of Diana's life, documenting her movements following her divorce from Prince Charles, her secret affair with Hasnat Khan and her romance with Dodi Fayed.

Naomi Watts recreates Princess Diana's final night

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Naomi Watts and Oliver Hirschbiegel, PHOTO: SplashNews/Greg Sirc