PHOTO: Move Over Nina Dobrev! Ian Somerhalder Gets Topless And Close To TVD Cast Members

The actor posted a spoof picture of himself with Paul Wesley and Joesph Morgan

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Ian Somerhalder appeared to be in mood to have fun last night after he took to his Instagram to post a picture of himself topless with Paul Wesley, going into to bite the neck of actor Joesph Morgan whose head is on a female body.

As Joseph, who plays the role of Klaus, can be seen looking forward, both Ian and Pal can be seen baring their sharp vampire teeth. Having posted the hilarious photo on the social networking site, Ian added the caption:

"Vampires... So happy together- Stefan,Damon,Klaus."

Ian posted this very funny picture on Instagram (Ian Somerhalder / Instagram / Twitter)

Meanwhile, fans of The Vampire Diaries will soon see Ian and Nina Dobrev's characters come together but according to Ian who plays the role of Damon, it won't be always be happily ever after for the couple.

Speaking about the new season of the show, which will premiere in the US next month, Ian who split from fellow TVD star Nina earlier this year, said in an interview for the CW Network:

"Damon sort of got the girl. He’s feeling pretty good about that."

Predicting that Damon and Elena's romance may not always run smoothly, Ian added: "It is Mystic Falls and no one can be happy for very long. I’m imagining for as much happiness as Damon’s gonna get, he’s going to get equal parts dark.”

However, Nina revealed to TV Guide that she hopes Damon and Elena will stand the test of time and stay together. She said: "One of the big obstacles [for them], especially for Damon, is to make sure he doesn't f*** it up because he has a tendency to do that whether he means to or not. He's going to try to be on his best behavior and Elena is going to embrace him, but she knows who he is and sometimes that comes to the surface and reminds her.

"But they'll try to figure it out because love prevails and they want their love to conquer all. They have gone through so much to get to where they are now."

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