Robert Pattinson Reveals Weird Obsession After Putting Kristen Stewart Love Nest Up For Sale

Actor says he's obsessed with suits!

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Robert Pattinson may have all the space in the world in his fancy new Beverly Hills mansion, but he's now admitted that he's been forced to rent a storage unit to house his huge suit collection, with the actor admitting that he's a "hoarder."

Rob looks dapper when he's all suited and booted, but it seems like his love of looking smart may have gone a little too far, with him saying that he's developed a habit of only wearing his suits once, insisting on keeping them all!

Pattinson tells Britain's Sunday Express: "I only ever wear them once so I have a storage unit with about 1,000 suits. Occasionally I'll give them to friends, but, to tell you the truth, I'm a bit of a hoarder. I find it really difficult to give things away."

Rob gets suited and booted to film Maps to the Stars (Photo: WENN)

It was recently revealed that R-Pattz had put his and Kristen Stewart's love nest on the market for a whopping $6.2 million, hinting that the couple's romance is officially over once and for all.

RealEstalker report that the house is up for sale, with Rob recently moving out of the neighbourhood and renting a five bedroom and six bathroom home, which includes a sports bar, heated swimming pool, steam room, library and spa.

Rob and Kristen's former love nest is apparently up for sale (Photo: WENN)

Rob's new rental comes after the showbiz couple split again in May this year following a four-year romance and Rob recently opened up about the stresses of fame in Hollywood and how it can sometimes get a little too much, linking back to living a relationship in the spotlight, no doubt.

“I just didn’t expect any of this and I didn’t ask for it,” he told Australia's Sunday Style, “It was literally all luck. I just stumbled from job to job. It’s difficult to remain sane. It’s really difficult.”

“In the beginning I didn’t even notice my life had changed so massively, because I was always working. I suppose eventually I got used to it,” he continued.

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