There Was 'No Chance Whatsoever' That Christopher Nolan Would Direct Batman Vs Superman, Writer David S. Goyer Reveals

Instead Goyer's Man of Steel director is on board

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David S. Goyer has revealed that there was never any chance that Christopher Nolan would return to direct the anticipated superhero team-up movie Batman Vs Superman.

Goyer, who wrote The Dark Knight trilogy with Nolan, has been speaking about his long term creative partnership with the director as well as his work on the smash hit Superman movie with Zack Snyder, Man of Steel.

Having worked on both DC Comics' hero films, Goyer certainly knows a thing or two about penning a hit screenplay.

Talking to an audience at a BAFTA and BFI Screenwriters Lecture Series event in London last night, Goyer praised Nolan for his passion for The Dark Knight trilogy, which starred Christian Bale, but pointed out the acclaimed director needed some extra direction:

"Chris had never read comic books: he didn't know the world. So he trusted me on that franchise and with Superman to know what was canon: what could be changed and what couldn't be changed," revealed Goyer.

David S. Goyer has been speaking about his work with Christopher Nolan (WENN)

"Early in Batman Begins he said 'does he have to have a utility belt?', and I said 'yes'. And he said 'why?'. And then he showed me a design and it was all black. And I said 'it has to be yellow', and he said 'oh…'"

Goyer said he went through all the comic books and scribbled down the themes and components that were integral to the superhero's world: "I identified the 10 things that remained sticky about Batman and Superman, wrote them up and said to Chris 'These are the 10 things that should be in the movie. Like the 10 commandments. As long as we honour that, we'll be good," said Goyer.

Nolan cast Christian Bale as his Batman in the Dark Knight trilogy (WENN)

Despite Chris' passion for the project, Goyer insists there was a clear plan from the very beginning that the director would only ever create a trilogy of films meaning he was never going be enticed back for the team-up movie:

"Chris made it very clear that he wanted those three Christian Bale movies to stand alone and be their own thing. I knew there was no chance whatsoever that that version of Batman would ever cross over with Superman," said Goyer.

Instead Goyer will be back with his Man of Steel collaborator Snyder for the movie, which sees Ben Affleck take over the role of Batman. The film is scheduled to hit cinemas in 2015.