Zayn Malik In Dogging Scandal: Couples 'Having Outdoor Sex Near One Direction Star's £300,000 Home'

An undercover reporter revealed the area to be a dogging hotspot!

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Zayn Malik may have splashed out a whopping £300,000 on a new house for his parents and siblings, but it's now been revealed that the area that he's chosen for his family members may be far from ideal, with investigators claiming that it's a popular dogging area.

The Daily Star sent an undercover reporter to investigate the area and they quickly found out that the area is popular with people who like to hook up for a bit of outdoor sex.

One Direction's 3D concert movie This Is Us showed Zayn on the phone to his mum just after he bought the house for his family, with them all shedding a tear because of the extravagant gift.

But, maybe the 1D hunk should have done his research before splashing out on the house!

The Daily Star reporter pretended he was one half of a married couple and via the online system, ­ arranged to meet busty businesswoman Angela on her way home from her own dayjob.

She said: “I’ve had some lovely fun down there in the past few weeks," adding: “I’ll meet you for 20 minutes on the way home tomorrow and then we can see if we click.

“If we do then we can sort out a firm arrangement – if you know what I mean.”

Zayn Malik is currently in Australia with the 1D boys (Photo: WENN)

The source says that the woman in question was dressed in a sheer blouse, a tight and short skirt and obvious stockings.

She was dressed very suggestively, with a sheer blouse, a tight and short skirt and obvious stockings, Angela continued to say: “The things I’ve done on the back seat of a car would make you blush.”

She was keen to get involved with both the husband and wife and when the invetigator asked of they could meet again, the businesswoman said: “Oh, yes love – but you’ll need to bring your other half along. I don’t play alone with guys.”

“Be sure to be in touch soon when you get the green light from your missus.”

However, it's unlikely Zayn will be setting his sights on any naughty goings on in the area anytime soon, with the Bradford born babe currently in Australia with his One Direction band mates, as their Take Me Home tour continues.

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