Ultimate 10 TV Series Finales: Is Breaking Bad Up There?

AMC drama had its highly anticipated curtain call last night

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The Breaking Bad finale was perhaps among the most anticipated television events of 2013, and the general consensus is that it did not disappoint.

Ending a beloved series after so long on the air is a hard task, especially when there are passionate fans sitting all over the world with such high expectations to meet. It seems more than likely that Breaking Bad's conclusion will go down as one of the greats, capping off a remarkable tenure on AMC as one of the most acclaimed series' of recent years.

Bryan Cranston in the Breaking Bad finale (AMC)

As fans continue to grieve the show's end, take a look at ten more US shows that ended in great fashion, in no particular order - and watch the final scenes in all their glory.

Oh, and there are a lot of spoilers.

Desperate Housewives
Many fans of the hit ABC series argued that the show lost is mojo big-time as the years drifted by, but Marc Cherry tied things up very neatly in the series finale - with a death, a wedding, a birth and a trial all rammed into the double-episode special. Come the final minutes, the good ol' fast-forward technique was deployed, showing where all the characters ended up in the years that followed. And in the final seconds, the circle began again.

Gossip Girl
The decision to reveal the identity of Gossip Girl was a divisive one, let alone the bombshell that it was Dan all along... but after a hit-and-miss final couple of years, fans seemed generally pleased with the finale. And in the final moments, Chuck and Blair are revealed to have had a kid, Nate is gunning for Mayor and - of course - Serena and Dan are tying the knot.

The OC
The characters had been on such drastic 'journeys' throughout the show's run that a fast-forward montage was realistically the only way this show was ever going to end. Julie Cooper graduates, Seth and Summer marry and Ryan... well, Ryan sees a younger version of himself and ends the teen drama exactly as it began four years earlier.

ER had been around for so long, with so many different characters and so many different disasters, that writers made the perfect decision by closing it on an energetic high note. With several faces from the past making appearances, the team heard of a nearby catastrophe and stood waiting for the onslaught of patients.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house when Friends' decade-long run came to an end in 2004, and the final sequence was the icing on the cake. Rachel, having "got off the plane", was with Ross, Chandler and Monica had their babies, and the iconic apartment was completely empty. As they left for one last coffee ("Where?", quipped Chandler), the sobs from fans were uncontrollable.

Six Feet Under
To the gorgeous music of Sia's 'Breathe Me', youngest Fisher family member Claire drives off to start a new life, and she does so a montage reveals what happens to the whole clan as the years drift by - including, fittingly considering the family business - how they all died. Many viewers of this cult classic consider this one of the best series endings of all time.

Lost had got so complicated and hard to keep track of by the end that the final episode was never realistically going to answer everything.  But was it a good'un? Well, it certainly didn't hold back. Viewers were divided, but it was definitely not lacking in moving moments. And look! Who else forgot Ian Somerhalder was in it?

The Wire
One of the most acclaimed TV series of all ever, The Wire was suitably intelligent and gripping as it reached its conclusion. Several cutaways showed the fates of major players, with the general feeling being that the 'next generation' had well and truly set off down the path laid out by those before them.

Ugly Betty
Emotional goodbyes were the order of the day in what was a landmark series for US television - perhaps the most high-profile primetime show to feature a Hispanic family at the centre. As the Suarez sisters left home - Betty for a new life in London and Hilda to move in with her man - everyone got the happy ending that they wanted. And look! At the last minute! It's Daniel! In Trafalgar Square!

The Sopranos
Why draw a line under things when they're so good as they are? That's pretty much the approach that The Sopranos took when it eventually came to an end. No farewells, no drastic changes, no flash-forward montages. Just a dinner scene.

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