Katy Perry Insists She Won't Be Stripping Like Rihanna And Miley Cyrus To Sell Records Because She's Too Old!

The 'Roar' megastar says she just can't pull it off anymore

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Katy Perry has admitted that despite being one of the hottest women in the world, unlike her pop comrades Miley Cyrus and Rihanna she will be taking what has become the unusual approach of keeping her clothes on to sell records because she is too old to strip.

The 28-year-old, who closed this year's iTunes festival in London earlier this week, revealed that she feels she just can't pull off the same looks as her fellow pop princesses because she has too many body hang ups.

 Katy Perry says she's too old to strip to sell records (Will Alexander/WENN)

While Miley and Rihanna continue to bare all (quite literally) the 'Roar' hit maker told The Sun she will be continuing to take the more modest approach with image, keeping the focus on her music explaining to the newspaper: “'I'm just getting a little older and realised I can't pull that off any more.

''If I had Rihanna's body I would wear everything Rihanna wears, she looks fabulous in all of it.

''I want to keep the attention on my music. I have confidence in my songs, that's where I need most of the focus.''

She may be one of the most desirable women in the world but even Katy admits she has the same insecurities as everyone else revealing: “My brows and my eyes, I think, are what frame my whole face. I have all right lips and all right cheekbones, but they're no showoffs. If I get my brows and my eyes right, that really sets the whole face.

''My skin used to be a lot worse than it is so I would use a lot more coverage as I was insecure about my skin.''

Katy is currently preparing for the release of her new album 'PRISM' which has become one of the most anticipated albums of the year following the phenomenal success of 'Roar' which continues to top the charts across the world.

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