Kim Kardashian To Star In Movie Of Her Life? Star 'Followed Through Airport By One Direction: This Is Us Director'

The director was seen posing as paparazzi!

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She's followed by the world's paparazzi where ever she goes but as Kim Kardashian walked through LAX on Wednesday there was one face in the sea of paparazzi that stood out more than the rest  - One Direction: This is Us film director Morgan Spurlock, sparking rumours that Kim K is about to release her own movie centering on her life.

The acclaimed film director was seen posing as paparazzi as Kim returned home to LA, snapping away with the rest of the photographers that surrounded the reality star, Yahoo! OMG reports.

However Kim made no contact with the documentary maker as she made her way through the airport, keeping her head down and trying her best to make her way out.

Kim didn't seem to take any notice of Morgan as she made her way through a busy LAX (WENN)

Could the business woman be keeping the movie on the down low or could Spurlock have something else up his sleeve? His presence could have in fact been to do with his reported desire to create a project looking into the life of the paparazzi.

Renowned director Morgan was spotted posing with photographers as Kim made her way through the airport (WENN)

The Supersize Me director recently admitted that working in the 1D film made him curious about the craze surrounding high profile stars.

He said: ''I don't think people realize how much effort goes into being a global pop star.

''From the minute they wake up until the minute they go to bed, their whole calendars are managed out. It's bang, bang, bang all day.''

While his paparazzi disguise could have been a case study for a new pap project we much prefer to think that Kim K is set to star in a movie of her life!

The new mum recently arrived back from Paris Fashion Week where she shopped and did lunch with baby daddy Kanye West - now who doesn't want an insight into that lifestyle?



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