Michael Fassbender Talks Penelope Cruz 'Awkward' Sex Scene In New Movie

Cruz's husband Javier Bardem also stars in the film The Counsellor

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Michael Fassbender has said that filming a steamy sex scene with Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz was “awkward” to do, for thriller The Counsellor.

The Inglourious Basterds star admitted it was difficult shooting the intimate scene as Cruz's hubby Javier Bardem was present on set. Yikes!

The 36-year-old actor told the BBC, “Those scenes are always kind of awkward to be honest so it's not a threat to Javier, I'm sure he is very comfortable with his marriage.”

Michael Fassbender and Javier Bardem at the London screening of The Counsellor (Mario Mitsis/WENN)

Cruz and Bardem, who welcomed their second child together in July, joined Fassbender at a special screening of The Counsellor in London yesterday evening (October 3).

The movie is based on an original screenplay by Cormac McCarthy which focuses on an attorney (Fassbender) who becomes involved in organised crime and attempts to sell $20 million worth of drugs.

The 39-year-old Vanilla Sky actress plays Fassbender's girlfriend, who fears how dangerous the situation he's gotten himself into will play in their lives.

The film will hit cinemas later in the year.

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