Julianne Hough Labelled A Hypocrite By Mark Ballas On DWTS

Dancing With The Stars got heated on Monday...

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Julianne Hough has been accused of being a hypocrite by Mark Ballas.

The Dancing With the Stars professional-turned-actress filled in as a judge for Len Goodman on Monday night’s show.

However Mark didn’t like what she had to say about his foxtrot with Christina Milian. She commented: "There were moments where I felt like choreography-wise, I felt like it was two people dancing side-by-side rather than together.

"So I really want to see [Milian] shine. I've danced with Mark. You have to stand in front to make sure you're seen."

Mark didn’t seem to find her comment funny though as shown by his serious facial expression on screen. After the programme aired he also expressed his feelings.

"The one comment for me that was a little funny is that I make it all about me... all the critiques were at me, and not at [Milian]. So I thought that was a little hypocritical comment," he told Us Weekly.

"I think [Hough] was very insightful tonight though and gave great tips on lines and how to express. We've had a lot of guest judges and I thought out of all of them she was one of the best. So that part, I love. I was the one who kind of got the heat, but you know what, that's OK! It's fine."

Mark and Julianne are friends from childhood and in the '90s she and her brother moved to London to train with Mark’s dance champion parents Shirley and Corky Ballas.

Julianne and Mark were a team at the Junior Olympics and scored prizes for ballroom dancing.

However Julianne recently claimed she was "mentally and physically abused" while training in the UK and speculation surrounded Mark’s family, although she never conformed who it was.

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