VIDEO: Union J's Dish The Dirt On George Shelley's Date With 'Super Hot' Selena Gomez

EntWise finally gets to the bottom of all those rumours

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Rumours about Selena Gomez's close friendship with our very own George Shelley have been circulating for weeks after the Union J cutie reportedly spent the night with the US star after a gig last month. So when EntertainmentWise caught up with the band this week we had to get the real story out of George!

The rumours started last month when it was revealed that Selena, who toured with Union J, held a "private party" at her hotel suite in Lisbon, inviting the boys as well as other members of her entourage. Alleging that Selena and George struck up a close bond, a source told The Sun:

"She invited all the Union J boys and some other members of her entourage to her room and they had a great time drinking and dancing. Selena and George were all over each other and things got very heated.

"Everyone else left the room at 2am so they were able to spend the night together."

Whilst George's bandmates have been quick to shoot down the speculation, insisting the pair are just pals, we decided to get the truth from the man himself.

George Shelley has told EntWise what really happened when he spent the evening with Selena Gomez (WENN)

EntWise's Georgie asked George point blank whether they want on a date to which he quickly replied "No, no! We just all hung out at her hotel, we went for drinks."

Jaymi was quick to jump in, insisting that the boys didn't gatecrash any romantic rendezvous:

"We all took George. I think there is a lot of hysteria because George is obviously single and young and he's the cutest. Everyone wants to make up hype but we all went on tour with Selena she was really welcoming and all of her dancers were really lovely to us so we just had a few beers and pizza."

"It was just nice to get some advice from someone who's a global pop star," Jaymi said of their night in with Selena.

George has labelled Selena "super hot" (WENN)

Whilst George remained pretty coy about whether he struck up more than a friendship with Justin Bieber's ex, he did tell us that he is by no means ruling out a future meet-up with the star:

"I would go on a date with Selena in the future, if possible," he revealed. "She's a lovely girl, who wouldn't want to date a lovely girl? She's super hot. She's very classy."

We reckon we haven't heard the last of this potential pop pairing, watch this space!

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