'Love Comes In Many Forms': Ian Somerhalder Talks Nina Dobrev Romance On The Vampire Diaries

Ian has hinted that it may not always be plain sailing for Damon and Elena

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Ian Somerhalder's real life romance with Nina Dobrev may have been easy, but the actor has revealed that the same can't be said for his character Damon's relationship with Nina's character Elena on The Vampire Diaries.

Speaking to the LA Times' Show Tracker about how Damon and Elena's romance will play out on screen following the premiere of the new season last week, the actor said:

"Well, let’s get something out in the open right now. You’re talking about a guy who is 174 years old dating an 18-year-old. Talk about robbing the cradle! I would be so bold as to say that things change. And in Mystic Falls they change rapidly. Love comes in many forms.

"You have to fight for it and you have to work for it. Her being away at college and all that stuff that happens in Mystic Falls, it’s going to be challenging. It’s what creates the drama of the show. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it."

Ian has spoken about Damon and Elena's relationship (Splash News)

Teasing about a possible break up between Damon and Elena, Ian continued to comment:

"If and when Elena and Damon break up, the world better watch out. Here’s a dude who has been in love with the same woman for 150 years, only to fall in love with her doppelgänger. It is the same person, just sweeter demeanor. I think after going through that, he’d smarten up.

"Maybe he'll just stick with sorority girls for a while and then maybe find some super-hot vampire chick to settle down with in the some island in the Caribbean. Write a book, have a couple golden retrievers that he rescues. Maybe a pitbull. Some chickens, some eggs."

The Vampire Diaries aside, Ian and Nina recently reunited - in a platonic way - to watch his dog give birth.

Having documented their dog, Nietzsche's progress over the weekend, Ian tweeted another picture of the pair's pet pooch with the caption: "She's in Labor! Aunt @thejram (aka midwife) & Uncle @polivierjr our little Nietzsche girl is about to drop a ton of love into the world.World please send super-positive energy to this very brave and very scared little girl."

Retweeting Ian's message, the actress who plays the role of Elena took to her official Twitter account to tweet:

"Birthing little Nietzsches ...Such a beautiful + equally terrifying thing to witness...The miracle of life :) #Wow." She also posted a picture of Nietzsche and the puppies.

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There's no other way to say 'we're together' than a smooch at Coachella! (WENN)