X Factor's Kingsland Road Keeping Their Girlfriends Under Wraps To Win Votes?

We bet their fans won't be happy!

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X Factor group Kingsland Road are keeping their girlfriends a secret in a bid to keep audiences sweet and win votes- according to new reports.

The boyband who are mentored by Gary Barlow is made up of Matt Cahill, 25, JJ Thompson, 22, Josh Zare, 20 and 19-year-olds Jay Scott and Joe 'Connor' Conaboy-who have all portrayed themselves as single.

The Metro newspaper has now reported though that Matt and JJ are both in relationships.

An insider told the British newspaper: "Kingsland Road are playing the game like so many boybands before them."

Are they, or aren't they single? (WENN)

The source continued: "They’ve been saying in interviews they’re all single because they desperately want the girls to fancy them and vote for them."

However, the insider said that the popular boyband been influenced by X Factor to keep lying about their relationship status. "It’s extremely cynical to be spinning lies, but X Factor brings out the ruthless side in anyone."

Matt has apparently been dating dancer Hannah Thistleton for several months and the performer is allegedly not happy that she is being kept a secret: "She’s not happy he’s been saying he’s single and she’s to stay in the shadows."

Although Matt's attempt to hide their relationship is apparently not purely for votes, but because he wants to protect her from the spotlight: "He just wants to keep her out of the limelight for her own sake," the source claims.

JJ on the other hand, has chosen to keep his relationship under wraps because it a "serious thing."

Pushing aside their relationship drama, the group's performance on last week's opening show impressed the judges. Yet one person who didn't enjoy their act was X Factor's 2012 winner James Arthur. James tweeted:

"Im sorry but this Kingsland Road have me cringing to the max, they aren't good enough. There time must come to an end this Sunday."

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