Hands Down The Weirdest Christening Gift? Pippa Middleton's Unusual Keepsake For Prince George

Pippa bought her nephew silver casts of both his hands and feet

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Who would have thought Kate's little sister, Pippa Middleton had such quirky taste?

When you're shopping for a boy who's going to have everything, what do you buy him? A £7,000 silver sculpture of his hands and feet, obviously.

According to reports from the Mail Online, the Duchess of Cambridge's sister bought her baby nephew, Prince George bespoke keepsakes made by a small London company, to celebrate his christening this week.

To create these unusual moulds, the three-month-old future king would have had his limbs placed in a jelly-like organic mould of water and a seaweed-based powder.

The process only takes 30 seconds - but for a wriggling newborn, that's a long time.

Pippa arriving at the christening on Wednesday (Photo: Splash News)

Whether Kate and William knew about the extravagant gift in advance is unknown.

According to the company which makes the sculptures, Wrightson and Platt, baby hands and feet 'life cast in silver', are "a perfect keepsake to preserve precious memories in the finest materials."

Each set comes with personalised engravings. Prices start at an eye-watering £1,900 for a pair of bronze hands and feet. For solid silver - the traditional christening metal - buyers can pay anything from £6,200 upwards, depending on the size of the child and the engravings.

It is not yet known if Kate and Will knew about the gift in advance (Photo: Splash News)

It is believed Pippa may have spent as much as £7,000, with the feet at £3,000 and £3,200 for the hands.

Baby George's christening took place in the Chapel Royal at St James's Palace in London on Wednesday with the prince, third in line to the throne, baptised by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The christening remained private, with only senior royals, four members of the Middleton family and George's seven godparents present.

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