'You're A Lousy F**k': Jasmine Lennard Blasts Max Gerorge's Bedroom Skills After He Denies Hooking Up

The Wanted star has said he 'feels sorry' for the model

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It's no mystery that Max George is a hit with the ladies but he may have bitten off more than he can chew with rumoured conquest Jasmine Lennard, who hit back at the boyband member in an explosive tweet after he denied accusations of sleeping with her.

It was claimed that The Wanted star had embarked on a fling with the model/reality star in August while he was in Los Angeles, but according to sources, the singer has denied ever knowing the brunette beauty, let alone sleeping with her - and thinks she has "issues".

Max George has denied he hooked up sexually withJasmine Lennard (Ivan Nikolov/WENN)

Not one to take things lying down - or mince her words - the 28-year-old decided to set the record straight once all for all taking to Twitter to blast the Walks Like Rihanna singer's bedroom skills amongst other things.

"IT DID HAPPEN, YOU ARE A LOUSY F*** AND YOU WERE WEARING MR MEN BOXER SHORTS (you even confessed to wearing multiple pairs)", tweeted the Make Me a Supermodel star.

"I mean, why buy them in the first place if you agree they are mortifyingly embarrassing and why the f*** get into bed with the Queen of the f***ing damned wearing them?

"I ask you at this point to reflect over the recent lies you told in defence of your penis and pride and to consider everyone knows they are lies, that you look like a f***ing idiot now, but most importantly, you F*****G DESERVE IT."

Max George wasn't the only one to feel the wrath of Jasmine as the model also took aim at boyband member's current love interest Nina Agdal, who she likened to a Gremlin, writing: "[she] looks like an extra from Gremlins." Ouch!

We get the niggling feeling this feud is far from over. Bring on round two, Max!

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