Supermodel Gisele Looks Incredible As She Gets Naked For French Vogue

The 'two-faced' model shows us her amazing body in this revealing shoot.

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It's not every day you see a photo of Gisele Bündchen linking arms with... herself. Half-naked bar a pair of socks and trainers, the super gorgeous supermodel posed for a photoshoot for ultra-chic magazine French Vogue.

The woman who brought an end to the '90s 'heroin chic' look is definitely bringing the sexy as she posed for in this sexy photoshoot for November edition of French Vogue. The special shoot promises readers an insight into "les deux visages de Gisele" or the two faces of Gisele, and looks set to be an interesting feature.

We bet she causes a scene when she pops into her local gym dressed like that (

Gisele was eager to share the photo with her fans as she posted the image to her Instagram as she added: “Opps I think I’m seeing double @vogueparis by @inezvinoodh @emmanuellealt.”

For one side of the mirrored image the 33 year-old mum of two stripped down to just a pair of trainers, with only stragetically placed limbs protecting her modesty. The flipped image is almost as equally revealing as she posed in a black sequinned jumpsuit with her breasts being covered by a sheer mesh panel and artfully positioned hands.

Picture perfect, Gisele shows us why she is the highest paid model in the world (

The front cover is a little less raunchy, featuring a close up of a fully dressed Gisele. The make-up was more natural than editoria,allowing Gisele's beauty to speakforitself. Giving us major hair envy to boot as the photo also revealed her amazing voluminous curls.

It really shouldn't be too much of a surprise how good Gisele looks naked given that she is a supermodel and, unlike us mere mortals, always looks fabulous. The gorgeous Brasilian lady  has already posed for Vogue Brazil this year. Wearing only a tiny bikini just two months after giving birth. It's worth adding that the shoot was unphotoshopped.

Oh, and she looked AMAZING. We'll get back to our cheesy chips now.

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