David Bowie Performs 'I'd Rather Be High' In Louis Vuitton Advert (WATCH)

The icon plays the harpischord at a Venetian ball

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After signing a deal to promote fashion label Louis Vuitton earlier this year, David Bowie has made his first on-screen appearance for the brand and performs in a short advertising clip entitled 'L'Invitation Au Voyage'.

The clip was directed by music video emprasario Romain Gavras, who is most well-known for creating rapper M.I.A.'s controversial clip for 'Bad Girls' and working with Jay Z and Kanye West on 'No Church In The Wild'.

Daivd Bowie serenades Arizona Muse in the clip (YouTube/Louis Vuitton)

The renaissance-inspired ad features everything from opulent gowns and a lavishy-decorated grand hall to some interesting methods of transport in the form a hot air balloon and red sail boat. As the hot air balloon lands in the Italian city of Venice, the 'Heroes' singer's track begins to play before the ad cuts to shots of the costumed ball-goers entering the grand hall.

The track 'I'd Rather Be High' is taken from his latest album 'The Next Day' and as the star sings the track, model Arizona Muse makes her way into the hall, taking a seat next to the 'Labyrinth' megastar where the pair, who sport modern-day dress, are surrounded by extras in clothes inspired by the renaissance.

As David's song draws to a close, the clip cuts to Arizona standing in a deserted room, picking up her Louis Vuitton clutch bag and then leaving to sail off into the distance on a grand red sail boat.

Arizona Muse and David in the renaissance-inspired clip (YouTube/Louis Vuitton)

Bowie, real name David Robert Jones, released a special three-disc edition of his 2012 album, entited 'The Next Day Extra', with a 10-track bonus CD and a DVD including four of his music videos. 66-year-old Bowie is showing no signs of slowing down and also recently released a music video made for just $12.99. The 'Love Is Lost' clip was created with the help of David' best friend and assistant Coco Schwab and released for Halloween last month.

Arizona Muse has been modelling since 2010, working on campaigns for Stella McCartney and Tiffany & Co., taking to the catwalk for Prada and completing editorial shoots for Vogue.

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