Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Met With Lukewarm Reviews: 'It's Disappointingly Conventional'

Feedback is positive but not ecstatic

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Lady Gaga's new album ARTPOP has been met with positive, if unspectacular reviews from music critics ahead of its release in the UK on November 11.

Most reviews have returned 3- or 4-star scores; acknowledging Gaga's skills as a singer and songwriter but complaining that she is not on top of her game.

Writing for The Guardian, Alexis Petridis handed the collection a 3-star score, calling it "a decent, if flawed, pop album, its good bits good enough to keep her filling stadiums as big as the gulf between her ideas and her music."

The Daily Mail have also issued a 3-star critique, summarising that the LP boasts "big beats [but] little pop fizz".

ARTPOP is out on November 11 (Packshot)

Critic Adrian Thrills acknowledged that Gaga is a "powerful vocalist", but complained: "For a singer whose look is so strong and confrontational, ARTPOP is a disappointingly conventional album. Shorn of the crazy trimmings, it is a noisy, energetic mix of pop and dance — nothing less, but nothing more.

"Gaga may still have a great album somewhere in her. But Artpop isn’t it."

The Telegraph are a little more enthusiastic, dishing out a 4-star score.

Helen Brown writes: "Musically, there’s a lot going on: it’s like wandering drunk around a vast, labyrinthine club, and peering into a disorienting series of darkened rooms in which she tries on various musical genres as if they were hats.

"She doesn’t do anything wildly original with them, but she has fun."

In their 3-star write-up, The Independent's Andy Gill said: "It's hard not to feel underwhelmed by ARTPOP – but then, that's the danger of hype, especially hype allied to an artefact that's only partially about music.

"No other pop star has so completely understood and applied the post-modern theory of The Spectacle as La Gaga, but at the heart of her spectacle, the music comes a poor relation to considerations of design, and the manufacturing of ersatz outrage."

Giving the same score, Metro said: "Like Gaga’s previous albums, this is a disjointed collection but it courses along in an enjoyable power-chord blitz of electronica, rock, funk, hip hop and dub, with a belting ballad twist on 'Dope'."

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