'I'm Too Busy For Kids!': Avril Lavigne Says No To Babies With Nickelback Husband Chad Kroeger

The singer just wants to Rock n Roll

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Avril Lavigne figures she is far too busy making music to even begin thinking about having babies with her husband, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger.

The 29-year-old singer released her self-titled fifth album earlier this month and Chad is touring Europe and South Africa with his band until the end of the year.

Avril has a lot on her plate professionally at this time and the star admits that baby planning hasn’t appealed to her at all of late.

“I have a tour coming up and my record just came out so I’m just working hard with my music and he is as well and I’d love to make a Christmas record for next year and my tour starts in February, so I’ve got a lot that I still need to do,” she told Access Hollywood about the possibility of becoming pregnant soon.

Newlyweds Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne share a secret love song (WENN)

Avril married fellow Canadian musician Chad, 38, in July after the pair dated for about four months.

They met while he helped her write and produce songs for her new album, including her recent single Let Me Go, but Avril reveals they wrote a private second duet, entitled If I Said I Loved You.

If I Said I Loved You was the song they danced to at their wedding and Avril wants to keep the tune in the family for now.

“Chad and I wrote that and recorded it together later on in our relationship,” she shared.

“[Let Me Go] was the first song we wrote together and we weren’t even together at that stage, so our love song was our first song at the wedding and one day I’d like to release it, but our family all got to hear it so it was kind of nice.”

Before tying the knot with Chad, Avril was wed to Sum 41 rocker Deryk Whibley, but the pair’s divorce was finalised in 2010 after four years of marriage.

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