What Happened To Walter White? Breaking Bad's Alternative Ending Released

But it's not what you would expect

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Fans of Breaking Bad will know how it ended, but it could have been oh so different, as the release of the alternative ending of the hit drama shows.

Whilst the show may have finished earlier this year, a video showing a different ending has surfaced and far from the high drama and suspense that filled every episode of Breaking Bad, the alternative ending shows Bryan Cranston as his Malcolm In The Middle character, Hal, waking up and recalling his character Walter White as a nightmare.

The alternative ending for Breaking Bad is a funny one! (WENN)

Set in the bedroom on the show Malcolm In The Middle, Bryan's character could be seen waking himself up in fear after seeing himself being a drug dealer.  Having woken up his co-star and on-screen wife, Jane Kaczmarek, Cranston's character, Hal recalled his dream saying:

"You don’t understand. I was this meth dealer. Yeah. I was this world class chemist and I cooked and I sold this ultra-pure methamphetamine."

Sound familiar?

He then went on to describe the way he looked, saying: "I had a shaved head and a goatee and I wore a black hat and the only thing that made sense in the whole dream was that I was walking around in my underwear."

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