Watch Out Peter Capaldi! The Night Of The Doctor's Paul McGann Keen To Return To The Show

If the script is good, McGann has said that he is up for a comeback

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As the excitement for the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who reaches its peak, Paul McGann - who made his return as the iconic Time Lord in a mini-episode - has revealed that he would like to return to the hit BBC sci-fi show.

Happy to make a return if the script was right, the actor who held the title of the Doctor in the 1996 TV film, is quoted by Digital Spy telling Doctor Who Online: "Well, it's like with the mini-episode - if they send you the script and it's good, you'll do it.

"So, you know, these things are only as good as the material. So the real question is if the material was good enough and if you were available, you'd do it - cos it's a Who!"

Paul hasn't ruled out a return to Doctor Who (BBC Pictures)

Whilst the Night Of The Doctor might not be a secret now after it was released by the BBC, McGann admitted that it was difficult to keep it a secret. He continued to comment:

"That was tough, keeping it a secret. It wasn't easy. I mean a couple of mates knew - family knew, and I'm pretty good at keeping a secret. But of course so many people work on something, you know, technicians and everybody else, and publicity people, you know, I'm not pointing the finger, except I'm saying, somewhere along the line, someone couldn't resist pressing send.

"A couple of days ago we were seeing still pictures from the episode going out before it had gone out [officially], so Steven Moffat presumably thought 'I've gotta do something', so we released it."

Meanwhile, whilst McGann may be hoping a return to the show, current Doctor Who Matt Smith has defended the programme by insisting that the show isn't "too sexy."

The hit BBC sci-fi drama was criticised earlier this year by the show's original director Waris Hussein for being sexualised.

Speaking on a reunion programme on Radio 4 earlier this year, the director said: "There is an element now, and I know we're living in a different era, of sexuality that has crept in.

"The intriguing thing about the original person was that you never quite knew about him and there was a mystery and an unavailability about him. Now we've just had a recent rebirth and another girl has joined us, a companion, she actually snogged him. Why bring in this element when in fact you needn't have it there?"

Matt Smith has insisted that Doctor Who isn't "too sexy" (BBC Pictures)

However, Matt who will soon be saying farewell to the Tardis, has insisted that Doctor Who is just a lot of fun. Speaking to The Mirror: "I strongly disagree. Dr Who is just rollicking good fun with the odd snog here and there.

“For sure, Karen (Gillan) is hot, so too Billie and Jenna but is that a bad thing? I don’t think so. What’s he want us to do, put everyone in straitjackets?

"Look at the history of the show, there were women in Tarzanian outfits, were there not, back in the early days?”

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