Adam Lambert Confirms Future Glee Appearances: 'It's More Than One Episode For Sure'

The singer says he has signed on to guest star on Glee at least once more.

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Adam Lambert has confirmed that he will revise as Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert in at least one more episode of Glee. The American Idol singer, who earlier this month showed off his vocal skills by singing Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry the Night’ on an episode of the show called “A Katy or A Gaga” has commented on what a good time he had on the set of the show, which made him eager to sign up for more guest star appearances.

“It’s more than one episode for sure,” Adam said in a Novermber 21 interview with ITV’s Daybreak. “I don't actually know how many and we're still in the process of filming.”

According to the Internet Movie Database, Adam will appear in one more episode of the show in 2013 and at least one additional episode in 2014.

The singer says he will reprise his guest-starring role on Glee. (WENN)

Adam, who joins an impressive list of celebs that have guest starred on the hit show, including Demi Levato who co-starred on Adam's episode, portrays a glam rock singer that auditions for Chris Colfer’s character Kurt’s new band. His Glee appearance marks the first time that Adam has played a character on a television show; however the singer has appeared as himself on shows such as Pretty Little Liars and Project Runway.

“This is kind of going back to the acting roots a little bit,” Adam said. "It feels good."

Adam, who dabbled in musical theater before appearing on American Idol in 2009, said he was once rejected by a Glee casting director.

“It’s funny because I actually auditioned for the show years ago before it started, before I was on Idol,” the singer revealed in a promo clip for his first Glee episode. “The casting director was like, 'Wow, I love your voice, but I think you're too old to be on the show,'" he said. "So I didn't get it.”


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