'He's A Hidden Weirdo': Lady Gaga Admits She And Boyfriend Taylor Kinney Bond Over Being Strange

She is dating the Chicago Fire actor...

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Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney make such a good couple because they are both incredibly strange people.

The singer admits that they get on well as they bond through how weird they are.

She confessed that he commented on her unconventional ways as he was working with her.

"Well, he's a hidden weirdo. He is extremely strange, actually, and we complement each other's weirdness," she told TV host Ellen DeGeneres in an interview airing Monday on The Ellen Show where he man popped up on screen showing off his abs in a picture.

"That's actually one of the first things he ever said to me. It's a Dr. Seuss quote that you find in someone else a compatible weirdness.

Lady Gaga spilled details about her relationship with Taylor Kinney (WENN)

“And it was one of the first things he's said to me. It was so...and you know it's funny. The first time he met me it was one the set of the You & I video—oh, you have to show a shirtless picture."

Gaga added that she was shocked he was even attracted to her after seeing her looking "ridiculously crazy" as they filmed.

She had an idea he was interested in her when he did something out of the ordinary.

"So I've got these pins sticking out of my head and I'm wearing cork and I got no hair and I'm bald. And I mean, why he found me attractive just completely behooves me," she confessed.

"And we were in the middle of this scene and I remember that he kissed me and it wasn't scripted for him to kiss me and I was sort of like was, 'Um, you know, was that real or was that fake?’

“And he didn't really say anything and that was fine by me and we kept filming. And you know, at the end of the day he's my best friend and having your lover be your best friend. I mean, it's the best thing ever. It's the best thing I can say about it."

The star may make a scene when she steps out alone.

However Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, admits that they slob out when they’re together.

"We're boys," she continued. "I wear his flannels, we eat pizza, we watch TV and then I play him my next single and ask him if he likes it. And that's our normal life.”

During her television chat, Gaga explained the lyrics behind a new song off her fresh album, Artpop.

"Dope is like that moment at the end of the party when you just had a little too much to drink and you start to, you know, think about your own mortality and think about your life, and I wrote a song that's essentially an 'I'm sorry' to my fans, to my parents, to my lover,” she explained.

“And I'm saying I'm sorry that I withdrew so much...I guess that's kind of a really personal thing to talk about, but here we are."

Lastly, Gaga insisted she doesn’t try to look wacky to other and that her infamous dress sense as well as controversial word are simply who she truly is.

She hopes that some fans feeling out of place in the world will feel less abnormal because of it or at least embraces the weirdness.

"And whether that makes me crazy or insane I don't know, but it's my truth, so I'd rather just be open about my own insanity than allow anyone to think that I'm like in a room somewhere generating what next thing I'm going to shock you with. That's not what I do," she added.

"What I do is, I'm myself everyday and I make records that I hope will touch one fan's life. That one person that feels the same sort of insanity that I feel."

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