Doctor Who: William Hartnell's Marco Polo Episode Rumours Slammed By BBC?

The 50th anniversary special episode airs tonight

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The BBC have spoken out about the latest rumours surrounding the seven missing Doctor Who episodes which stars William Hartnell.

It was reportedly announced this week that the 1964 hit series Marco Polo was recovered but new reports suggest there have been no developments in the findings.

"There are always rumours about missing episodes of Doctor Who but we cannot confirm any new finds," a BBC Worldwide source told Digital Spy.

Meanwhile, it was revealed a month ago that two missing Doctor Who episodes from Patrick Troughton's period - The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear - had been discovered in Nigeria.

Doctor Who star Matt Smith filming the Christmas special (WENN)

The popular BBC sci-fi drama celebrates its 50th anniversary with a special episode due to air this evening at 7.50pm on BBC One with a live broadcast all over the world.

The Day of the Doctor will see current Time Lord Matt Smith team up with former Doctor Who stars, David Tennant and Billie Piper.

Smith recently spoke of his joy at working with the former Doctor Who, he told the Mirror: “There aren't many of us who have played the doctor and it is a unique experience which I've been reluctant to share with other people because it sounds as if I am bragging when I talk about all the amazing things it entails.

“I can talk to David about it, about all the line-learning, the way in which you get thrust into the limelight. We've had lots of chats together.”

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