James Arthur 'Struggling To Cope With Backlash' Following Recent Scandals - Report

X Factor winner is apparently 'in meltdown'

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Former X Factor winner James Arthur is allegedly struggling to cope with the fallout from his recent controversies, and is reported by a tabloid newspaper today to be "in meltdown".

The 'You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You' hitmaker had been embarking on a number of rants on Twitter, distancing himself from One Direction and engaging in yet another feud with Frankie Boyle.

He also had to apologise after calling rival Micky Worthless a "f**king queer" in a rap track, later falling out with former pal Lucy Spraggan over the whole debacle.

James Arthur (WENN)

To top it all off, iTunes appeared to have gone against their usual No Refunds policy when contacted by a fan who was so offended by his outbursts, she wanted her money back.

A source told the Daily Star: “James is devastated by the whole thing. It’s really hit him hard and he’s struggling to cope with all the anger and hate he’s received.

“He can’t believe it’s got to the point where people are returning his music because they think he’s homophobic."

They added: “He knows it was a stupid thing to say but as far as he is concerned there isn’t a homophobic bone in his body. His team are now worried he could go in to meltdown. He’s suffered a panic attack and is making himself ill.

“James feels like people are sticking the knife in and kicking him when he’s down. He views himself as a good, honest, normal working-class lad and can’t get his head around how the industry works – he thinks it’s fake.”

James is expected to return to The X Factor next weekend to sing his new track.

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