Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who Debut In 'The Day Of The Doctor' Was 'Planned From The Start'

The new Doctor was always going to appear in that scene

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As the 50th special anniversary episode of Doctor Who came to an end, fans were treated to one last surprise...A glimpse of Peter Capaldi to signal that fans will soon be seeing the actor as the iconic Time Lord following Matt Smith's exit from the show later this year.

Whilst fans may have been left surprised with the shot of Capaldi amongst the Doctors gone by, Steven Moffat has revealed that it was always his intention to include the new Doctor in the last scene.

Speaking at the official Doctor Who celebration in London over the weekend, Digital Spy reported Steven Moffat admitting:

"It was the plan from the start - all the Doctors… all the Doctors will fly in to save Gallifrey and change the timeline."

Peter Capaldi will take over from Matt Smith as the new Time Lord (WENN)

Revealing that he wrote the last scene when Matt's successor was still to be found, Moffat continued:

"That meant we should have the new one. I knew there was going to be a new one, so I wrote it not knowing who would be doing that [scene]."

Happy to have given fans of the show a "treat". The showrunner added:

"We did manage to cast somebody where you can use less than half his face, for less than a second and everybody knows who it is! It's just another treat - I was just trying to throw treats at the screen!"

Whilst fans are now gearing up for the Christmas episode, Matt who has played the role of the Doctor since 2010, has admitted that he coupld have gone on to play the Time Lord for a little while longer.

He told the Los Angeles Times: “I’d have very happily done another year. It’s a wonderful show", he added before insisting that it was the best time for him to leave.

"But I think you gotta go when you gotta go, and for me, it just felt like the right time to move on."

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