'Never Made A Dollar': Paris Hilton Claims She Didn't Profit From 1 Night In Paris Adult Video With Ex-Boyfriend Rick Salomon

The reality star says her perfumes make enough...

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Paris Hilton claims she did not make any money from the sex tape she featured in with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon back in 2004 and maintains that her various businesses make sure she has lots of money coming in.

The reality star shot to fame after she starred in a scandalous video titled 1 Night In Paris.

TMZ reports that the adult motion picture has grossed tens of millions of dollars to date, however the Hilton Hotels heiress says she saw none of the profit.

“Never made a dollar,” she replied when a reporter questioned her.

“I don’t like people using my image to make money, especially in such a gross way.”

Paris Hilton says she never made money off her sex tape (WENN)

Paris was not only referring to her former flame but a Slovenian website which she recently managed to shut down as it was raking in funds from the film she unintentionally starred in.

She explained that she had no idea about what was going on until she read about it on TMZ.

Paris added that thanks to her fashion and beauty lines, she continuously has earnings aside from her inherited fortune.

“I make enough money in nice ways," she shared. “My fragrance makes enough I don't need to worry about that."

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