Kanye West Admits 'Wanting To Make 'Bound 2' Video Look As 'Phony As Possible'

Apparently it was based on the Hunger Games!

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Kanye West has admitted that he isn't bothered by the negative response to his cheesy 'Bound 2' music video which features his fiancee Kim Kardashian, claiming that the video was intended to “look as phony as possible.”

The 'New Slaves' hitmaker and reality star fiancee have been the butt of jokes recently with fans mocking the Nick Knight-directed visuals which sees the smitten couple simulating sex while bouncing around on a motorbike and making cringe-worthy love faces, but according to Kanye, it was all part of the plan.

Kim and Kanye have been mocked for their cringey show of affection (WENN)

During a brutally candid interview with Power 105.1's Breakfast Club, Kanye said: “I wanted to take white trash t-shirts and make it into a video. Yes. I wanted it to look as phony as possible. I wanted the clouds to go in one direction, the mountains to go in another, the horses to go over there, I wanted to show that this is the 'Hunger Games' this is the type of imagery that's being presented to all of us, the only difference is there's a black dude in the middle of it.”

He boldly added: “I ain't got a problem with looking stupid.”

'Bound 2' has been spoofed by several celebrities including Seth Rogen and James Franco who recreated the video shot by shot and even received praise from the stars themselves.

Kim took to Twitter to congratulate Seth on playing her accurately, tweeting: “You nailed it!!! Sooo funny!” She later added: “@Sethrogen Kanye says what's up! He loves u guys! He laughed so hard at this.”

Bound 3! Seth Rogen and James Franco in their parody (WENN)

Parkland star Zac Efron has also joined in on the parody sharing a topless photo of himself alongside Seth Rogen on Instagram with the caption: “Bound 4.” He also wrote: “Whether you're a #KanyeWest fan or not, fans are #Bound2 get a kick out of this new still from #ZacEfron and #SethRogen's film #NeighborsMovie Check out all the neighborly shenanigans when the comedy hits theaters next May! #uhhuhhoney.”

Watch Kanye's 'Bound 2' video below...

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