X Factor USA's 'Sierra And Niall Horan Slow Danced Together' As He Comforted Her

Alex recalled how Niall gave them words of advice

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X Factor USA hopeful Alex Kinsey recently revealed that Niall Horan provided comfort to his girlfriend Sierra Deaton following their X Factor performance last week.

Having received some criticism for their performance during the British Takeover week last week which also featured an appearance and performance from One Direction, Alex recalled how Sierra got upset backstage but was soon given a pep talk by Niall who saw the couple backstage.

Revealing that Sierra and Niall slow danced as he offered her words of wisdom having been through the process before on the UK version of the X Factor in 2010, Alex told HollywoodLife:

"[Sierra] was visibly upset. I told her, ‘Take a minute in the bathroom, fix your make up and try to relax.’ So I’m walking her to the bathroom and Niall is there, and he sees that she’s upset. So he’s comforting her, hugging her and talking to me.

Niall Horan offered words of advice to Alex and Sierra (WENN)

"He said, ‘Don’t take things too tough. Make sure that you’re positive and confident and, next week, just come back and kill it!’ He’s a great guy. He and Sierra ended up slow dancing together at one point! We took a cool picture of me with my arms crossed, looking at them angrily."

Praising Niall and the One Direction boys for being so nice, Alex continued to comment: "It was great! They are just cool guys. They were at one point in the same position as us. And they are still just those guys."

Alex and Sierra have praised the 1D lads (WENN)

However, the cute couple who made it through another week and will take to the stage to sing once again tonight, didn't only gush about Niall as Sierra went on to explain the kind words Harry Styles said to them.

She said: "We’re walking off stage, and Harry comes up behind us and goes, ‘You guys, that was brilliant!’

“‘We loved it. You guys did such a good job with that song!’ That was incredible that he would go out of his way to say that to us.”

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