Lostprophets Fans Rush To Delete Music From iTunes Libraries After Ian Watkins Pleads Guilty

The band's songs are still available to download

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Lostprophets fans have raced to delete the band's music from their iTunes libraries after frontman Ian Watkins pleaded guilty to a string of sex offence charges including the attempted rape of a baby.

The 36-year-old admitted to a string of charges yesterday during a hearing at Cardiff Crown Court, including the attempted rape and sexual assault of a child under 13 but not guilty to rape, as well as three counts of sexual assault involving children and six related to the taking, making and possession of indecent images of children.

Ian Watkins has pleaded guilty to child sexual offence charges (WENN)

As a result of Watkins' guilty plea, former fans of the Lostprophets have boycotted their music and deleted their back catalogue from their iTunes accounts. Twitter user @kxmikaze admitted: “I feel weird having Lostprophets songs on my iTunes.”

@JYates1039 simply announced: “Lostprophets officially removed from my Itunes,” while @jamesairdx said: “100% deleting all Lostprophets songs off my iTunes... Vile creature.”

iTunes are still selling the Welsh band's music on their site and while some have expressed their shock that their albums are still available in light of the disturbing news, others have noted that the rest of the Lostprophets members shouldn't have to suffer for Watkins' actions.

Lostprophets have now disbanded (WENN)

@bewarenostalgia tweeted: “People kicking off because iTunes are still selling Lostprophets music. Ian is disgusting but he wasn't the only member of the band ffs,” while @RhysAgainst added: “Apparently, it's bad that Apple are still selling Lostprophets albums on iTunes. Why wouldn't they?”

The remaining band members of Lostprophets confirmed back in October that have split as a result of the charges.

Watkins had initially pleaded not guilty but a stack of evidence such as footage of him abusing a child made it difficult for the singer to insist his innocence. The singer, along with two women who have also admitted to their involvement in the abuse, will be sentenced on December 18.

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