Maybe He Should Call Kim Kardashian And Kanye West? James Franco Shares His Lonely Thanksgiving

Actor begs his fans to send him photos of their celebrations

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James Franco has enjoyed his time in the headlines this week thanks to his hilarious parody of Kanye West's new video Bound 2, starring alongside his buddy Seth Rogen in the spoof which has now gone viral. It's back down to reality for the Pineapple Express actor today though as he tweets about his lonely Thanksgiving.

Poor James has posted a video on Instagram which sees the actor moaning about having to work over the holiday.

Addressing his fans with a close-up, James tells them: "What's up, I'm in Canada. I have to work today for Thanksgiving. Send photos of food, family and your pets, we can celebrate together".

Perhaps James should give Kanye and his fiancee/video girl Kim Kardashian a call? After all the couple loved the actor's Bound 2 take off!

Kim tweeted James and Seth to let them know her and her man found the video hilarious, with an insider later revealing that Kanye found it so funny because he saw it as the "highest form of flattery and respect".

Don't look so glum James! (Instagram/James Franco)

Alleging that the rapper didn't mind the actors making a joke out of the video a source told HollywoodLife:

"He realises that not only are people talking about it, they’re imitating him and Kim - and imitation is the highest form of flattery and respect."

The source added: "He’s getting to a point now where he expects this type of s**t to happen.

“He knows it’s coming. When it stops, that’s when the problems and the influence ceases to exist. He’s come into the mindset where [he] welcomes all the critics and criticism and all the nonsense.”

James seemed relieved that Kimye were fans, telling his Twitter followers this week:

"#Sethrogen #kimkardashian #kanyewest - I'M SO GLAD THAT KIM and KANYE LIKE THE VIDEO - BOUNd 3!!!"

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