'The Wedding's Usually For The Bride': Lance Bass Admits It's Sad There's No Excited Bride In His Gay Wedding

The former boyband star proposed in September...

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Lance Bass thinks it’s “sad” that planning a gay wedding is particularly difficult because he and fiancé Michael Turchin don’t have many examples or traditions to follow.

The former N Sync star proposed to his partner in September and the 34-year-old thinks it will take quite some time for them to organise the big day.

Lance admits they haven’t begun planning the nuptials yet but wants the ceremony to be in Autumn.

“Wedding plans? Oh yeah, I’d like to know that too!” he told Access Hollywood when questioned about his forthcoming marriage. “We haven’t even started yet. It’ll be next fall, for sure.”

Lance almost feels bad that there’s no female to pick over details on the wedding day.


Lance Bass is taking his time with his wedding planning (WENN)

The musician isn’t too bothered about how the event plays out but wishes everyone would make and effort with their own fashion.

“The sad thing about two guys planning a wedding is it’s really hard – the wedding’s usually for the bride, and they’ve been dreaming of it since they were two years old,” he continued.

“With the guys, we’re kind of a little easy going. So, I think it’s gonna take us a good year to plan this thing.

“The one cool thing that I really want to do is, since there is no wedding dress, I want all the ladies to come completely in couture and just over-the-top high fashion – like we’re going to the Met Ball or something.”

Lance has been with his partner since 2011 and since his time in a boyband he’s put his own musical aspirations on the backburner. With his first single due to come out in December, he is anxious after waiting so long to go it alone.

“I was in the studio this week – I’ve got my first debut single,” he said. “It’s taken me 12 years to find the right song and I just found this amazing song that I fell in love with and recorded it just this week. “It’s gonna be out in a couple of weeks and I’m very nervous! Very, very nervous.”

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