'England's Really Adopting Her': Ed Sheeran Predicts Taylor Swift FINALLY Becoming The UK's Sweetheart

The American singer is cracking Britain...

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Taylor Swift can do no wrong with the American audience and Ed Sheeran thinks the country singer is finally becoming one of the United Kingdom’s best loved stars too.

The British musician is pals with T Swizz after supporting her on her Red Tour.

After getting to know her better, he can see that Harry Styles’ ex is fitting in nicely with those across the pond to her native United States.

"England's like really adopting her now," he told E! News. "It's kind of cool because she, this has been her biggest album in England.

"This is the first time she's really opened up to the UK and yeah, they're really adopting her."

Ed Sheeran spoke about Taylor Swift taking over the UK (WENN)

Taylor recently performed at Kensington Palace in London with Jon Bon Jovi and Prince William evening chiming in.

Ed was thrilled with how his buddy managed to sing Livin’ On A Prayer with such big names.

"Like singing with Bon Jovi is cool, but pulling royalty up as well is pretty cool," he admitted. His second album is out at some point in 2014 and Ed has worked extra hard to make sure the LP is impressive.

He admits the effort has vastly increased from that of his debut.

"The first record I put together in two weeks, this record I put together, it was like a hundred demos of the songs and I've whittled it down to twelve and made sure the production is right," he said.

"I've really put my heart and soul into it."

As for being famous, the redhead is still trying to get used to his celebrity.

He thinks he’s living out every teenage boy’s dream, except for one small conquest not yet fulfilled.

"I mean, I'm not banging a supermodel," he joked.

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