Beyonce and Jay Z Enjoy Vegan Birthday Meal With Ariana Grande and Anne Hathaway At Same Restaurant

It looks like the whole of Hollywood are turning vegan in time for Christmas!

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Beyonce and Jay Z are clearly not the only celebrities in Hollywood who have adopted a healthy diet for the Christmas period as the couple were spotted dining at a vegan restaurant along with Ariana Grande and Anne Hathaway.

The power couple, who are embarking on a 22-day vegan challenge, were seen dining at Los Angeles' Cafe Gratitude yesterday where they are said to have ordered a wide variety of options on the organic no-meat menu. According to TMZ, Beyonce and Jay Z, who celebrated his 44th birthday yesterday, ordered a bevy of drinks made of apples, beets, lemon and ginger and entrees which included marinated kale salad, Indian curried lentils, corn tacos and chipotle butternut squash.

Beyonce and Jay Z leaving a vegan restaurant earlier in the day (Revolution pix/Owen Beiny/WENN.COM)

While they may be on a strict health regime, the music stars are allowed to indulge their sweet tooth and rounded off their meal with a chocolate truffle for desert. It seems the couple aren't alone in their quest for spiritual and physical cleansing as 'The Way' songstress Ariana Grande and 'Les Miserables' actress Anne Hathaway were also spotted dining at the eatery at the same time.

Earlier in the day, Beyonce, 32, and Jay Z were seen heading into Real Food Daily for their first vegan meal of the day where they are said to have acted “affectionate” with one another while kicking off the 'Holy Grail' rapper's birthday celebrations.

An eyewitness told E! News: “The couple were sweet together, affectionate, jolly & in a positive vibe. They were gracious, humble and excited to be there to begin their first day of their 22-day plant-based cleanse. They were also very thankful for the service.

22 Day Vegan Challenge: Beyonce shared a photo of one of her plant-based meals (Beyonce/Instagram)

“Jay Z brought up that the couple were on a 22-day plant-based spiritual cleanse and that their friend recommended Real Food Daily for their first day,” the source revealed.

“[A waiter] discussed how a plant-based diet is a conscious choice, benefitting the body and the world at whole, and Hova thanked the server as they were leaving for making their experience 'special.'”

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