Nigella Lawson's Cocaine Shame: 'Not Proud' Of Drug Past, Insists She's Not A 'Drug Addict' In Court

TV chef is continuing her evidence in the fraud trial of personal assistants

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Nigella Lawson has insisted that she's "not proud" of her past drug use after admitting in court yesterday that she's previously taken cocaine on two occasions.

The TV chef made the admission whilst giving evidence in the trial of her two former personal assistants, sisters Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo, who are accused of de-frauding Lawson and now ex-husband Charles Saatchi of thousands of pounds while working for the couple from 2008 to 2012.

Yesterday (December 4), the 53 year-old revealed in court the extent of her use of drugs.

Nigella Lawson arriving at court yesterday (WENN)

She told Isleworth Court: "I have never been a drug addict. I've never been a habitual user. There are two times in my life when I have used cocaine. The idea that I am a drug addict or habitual user of cocaine is absolutely ridiculous."

Lawson went on: "I have to be honest, I have smoked the odd joint.

"I found it made an intolerable situation tolerable. It's a false friend and not a good idea. I found the answer was in changing the situation and trying to create a tolerable situation for me and my family.

"I have to say, since freeing myself from a brilliant but brutal man, I'm now totally cannabis, cocaine, any drug-free."

Nigella has been grilled over her previous drug use (WENN)

She returned to court today to continue giving evidence and insisted that she's not lying about the extent of her drug use.

"I was not telling a lie," she said when it was put to her that she was giving evidence "under pressure".

"I actually did say at the time that it was the extent (of the drug use) that was not true," she said.

"The stories that were being peddled were that I was a drug addict. I am not proud of the fact that I have taken drugs, but that does not make me a drug addict or a habitual drug user."

"The stories that I objected to were the stories that say that I was taking drugs in that incident in Scott's and that was not what that was about," she added.

Mr Saatchi appeared at court last week to give evidence (WENN)

Last week Lawson's now ex-husband Charles Saatchi claimed he had "no knowledge" of his then wife's alleged drug use.

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