Colin Firth's Portrayal Of 'The Railway Man' 'Like A Kick In The Stomach' For Eric Lomax's Wife

Patti Lomax praises Firth's spot-on performance

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Eric Lomax's wife Patti has told EntertainmentWise that Colin Firth's portrayal of her late husband In The Railway Man was so convincing it was "like a kick in the stomach" for her.

Patti, who is played in the biopic by Nicole Kidman, also heaped praise on Jeremy Irvine for his performance as the younger Eric, a former prisoner of war.

She told us on last night's red carpet in Leicester Square: "I had to very careful because Colin at times reminded me so much of my husband, like having a kick in the stomach, you know? He really has done very very well.

Colin Firth and Patti Lomax (WENN)

"And young Jeremy Irvine, well, he's a wonder, isn't he? He even looks like the pictures of my husband at the same age!"

We also grabbed a quick chat with Colin Firth himself, who was full of awe for the intense journey that Eric Lomax went through in his life.

"He undertook an absolutely monumental journey," the Oscar winner said. "From surviving the physical horrors and psychological horrors of war and captivity, to having to negotiate through civilian life to actually turning rage into something else."

The Railway Man's screenwriters met the then-91-year-old Lomax when the movie was still in its early production stages, but sadly he passed away in October 2012 and never got to see the finished product, which is adapted from his autobiography.

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