Move Over Downton Abbey! Hugh Bonneville Set To Return To Twenty Twelve For Sequel

With the Olympics over, the show will now focus on the future of the BBC

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Hugh Bonneville will be leaving the role of Downton Abbey's Lord Grantham behind for a while following the news that he will be returning to the role of Ian Fletcher, the Head of Deliverance in a sequel to the hit comedy series, Twenty Twelve.

With the premise for Twenty Twelve having been about the London 2012 Olympics, the sequel will focus on the future of the BBC.

And Ian will no longer be Head of Deliverance as according to the Metro, he will be seen as the Head Of Values for the BBC.

Hugh will be back as Ian Fletcher soon (WENN)

With the show set to focus on the BBC, writer John Morton was keen to insist that the show would not be based on members of the beeb. He said: "This isn’t a game of guessing who is supposed to be who.

"If it is satirical then it’s satirical about an environment, an ethos, and the absurdities of modern corporate life itself."

With the news of the show having been revealed today, it is thought that the show, titled W1A won't be available to watch until later next year.

Upon hearing the news that Hugh Bonneville and co will be back, one fan posted on Twitter: "Hooray hooray hooray, the #TwentyTwelve lot will be back on BBC2! Hugh Bonneville to star in W1A as BBC Head of Values."

Whilst another excited fan posted: "This is the best TV news I've heard in ages: Hugh Bonneville to star in Twenty Twelve follow-up. YES!"

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