Twerking Wasn't Enough: Miley Cyrus Beaten By The Pope To Time Magazine's 2013 Person Of The Year

Not even twerking could snag the wrecking ball loving star this title

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Pope Francis has been named Time magazine's 2013 Person of the Year denying twerkaholic star Miley Cyrus the title after the Wrecking Ball babe had led in the online poll.

The head of the Catholic faith, who was elected in March as the accesor to retiring Pope Benedict, topped the annual online poll it was confirmed today with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in second place.

Time magazine editor Nancy Gibbs confirmed the news on the Today Show in the US.

"So much of what he has done in the brief nine months in this office changed the tone of what’s coming out of the Vatican," she said, dubbing him the 'People's Pope'.

Pope Francis on Time Magazine as their 2013 Person Of The Year (Twitter/Timemagazine)

Last year the annual poll was won by President Barack Obama, who also won the accolade in 2008.

There were 10 nominees who could've scooped the prestigious title, with Miley failing to finish in the top half. President of Syria Bashar Assad, Texas Tea Party champion Senator Ted Cruz and US gay rights activist Edith Windsor made up the top five in the poll, though Cyrus had at one point been way out in front.

Maybe next year? Miley Cyrus failed to win the title (WENN)

At one point the We Can't Stop star had 24% of the online votes, though clearly there was a surge of last minute voting, with the poll closing on December 4.

Whilst it would've been quite an achievement for spotlight loving Miley to succeed Barack Obama, the final decision was not the online poll, but according to Time, an editorial board - and while we love Cyrus we doubt she would've been picked over some of the others in the list.

The top ten are chosen based on people who have influenced the news and thanks to her twerking antics at the MTV VMAs, EMAs and her controversial admissions over drug use as well as spats with the likes of Sinead O'Connor it's safe to say Miley hasn't been far from the headlines this year.

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