Mariah Carey Left Embarrassed After Voice Cracks During 'All I Want For Christmas' Performance (WATCH)

The singer rarely hits a bum note but this is a must see

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Mariah Carey's voice isn't as cracked up as it used to be judging by a cringe-worthy performance she gave while during the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in Washington D.C. last week.

The former American Idol judge is one of the best-selling artists during the Christmas period and Mariah has been busy trawling around the US to belt out some festive classics so it's expected that her voice is under strain at the moment however, it'll still come as a surprise to hear the diva's voice crack while singing 'All I Want For Christmas' at the Washington event.


Mariah Carey has appeared during several Christmas specials this year (Ivan Nikolov/WENN)

The 43-year-old looked stunning in a white sparkly gown as she perfected her famous whistle-tone notes, however, it all fell apart towards the end of the performance when she attempted to hit the infamous high note. Ever the true professional, Mariah disguised her embarrassment by smiling and continuing to try the high pitched notes.

Meanwhile, the 'We Belong Together' singer invited the Today show into her plush Los Angeles home earlier this week where she gave them a tour of her “keepsake” room and revealed that she is still suffering from her dislocating her shoulder this summer.

Mariah was on a video shoot for her latest single 'Beautiful' when she fell and it's still affecting her today, admitting she struggles to hold even a photo frame. “I had an little accident, I dislocated my shoulder this year and I kind of downplayed it, but I'm still recovering," Mariah told the morning show.

Speaking of her skiing holiday plans with husband Nick Cannon and twins Moroccan and Monroe this Christmas, Mariah said: “I will be with them on the bunny slopes but we won't be doing any of the black diamond situation.

“I like the jewellery store and going to places like that.”

Watch Mariah Carey hit a bum note during 'All I Want For Christmas' below...

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