The Hobbit: Sir Ian McKellen Addresses Gandalf's Sexuality

Actor is asked if the wizard is gay

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Sir Ian McKellen has downplayed the suggestion that his character in The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings films is gay.

The veteran thesp was asked if, following the suggestion that the Harry Potter legend Dumbledore was homosexual, JRR Tolkien may have had the same in mind for Gandalf The Grey.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal's Barbara Chai, he said: "He's 7000 years old, and he doesn't seem to be interested in sex. 

Sir Ian McKellen plays Gandalf (WENN)

"I would leave it at that!"

The star, who was being interviewed alongside Patrick Stewart on the subject of their current smash-hit Broadway stint, went on: "All his friends are male in the films, other than Galadriel... I don't think sexuality is part of his making."

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug is in cinemas now and has received mixed feedback from critics. It is the fifth film to see McKellen in the popular role, following the last Hobbit film An Unexpected Journey, and the three movies in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

McKellen also recently received an apology from Damien Lewis after one of his quotes from the late 90s, in which he appeared to call McKellen a "fruity actor". He said the line had been taken out of context.