O Christmas Tree Times Six For Heidi Klum’s Household

The Project Runway host purchased a tree for each of her kids’ bedrooms.

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Heidi Klum and family are really in the holiday spirit this year with each child’s bedroom having its own Christmas tree to decorate.

“This year for the first time [the kids] each have their own tree in their room," the mother of four told People while hosting a Creativity Holiday Party at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Heidi hides amongst her many trees. (Instagram/@heidiklum)

Others on the tree lot couldn’t believe Heidi’s haul of green firs. “That's a lot of trees, I know. They were taking photos of us when we left the lot, and they were like, 'Oh my gosh, they've got the whole forest!' But it's because I have so many kids!" she said.

Now if you’re one of Heidi’s children skip the next few lines because mom spilled the beans on what she’ll put under those trees.

“They don't watch a lot of TV, so when they do they're so mesmerized by the commercials. They love all these silly things like glowing pet pillows. I actually got them all unicycles," Heidi revealed.

Her six kids won’t need deep pockets to get what their mommy wants. “I love arts and crafts, and I like when my kids make things for me," she says. "I have an entire wall on the second floor of the house that's all [their creations].”

As for boyfriend Martin Kirsten, he may want to speak with his local travel agent before Dec. 25 rolls around. Heidi described her perfect holiday gift.

“It's spending time together, like a weekend away at a cool hotel by the beach, or flying to Vegas for the weekend, so you can create a memory together," she told People. "Or going to the spa together. It's fun to do that with your boyfriend."

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